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Connie's Message: Smile by Jack B. Blount

I wrote this book for two reasons, both of which are tightly intertwined. First is the fact that my daughter Connie and I discussed writing this book together while she was a freshman at the University of Kentucky. After her death, I needed to accomplish that goal we had set together, to share our faith in God with others who were not fortunate to have been brought up in a Christian home. Second is the fact that I know Satan was controlling the drunk driver who was responsible for Connie’s death. Therefore, I want to honor God by sharing my faith that Connie is in heaven. Satan took Connie’s life in this world, but God gave Connie eternal life in heaven. Through faith in Jesus Christ, we will someday be in heaven together again.

The Bible is the most published book in the world by far, at over nine billion copies. Yet I acknowledge that the Bible is not the easiest place for someone new to Christian theology to begin a journey with God in our modern, science-dominated, politically correct culture. Therefore, I have captured a lifetime of study and discussions about the Bible and shared it with you in this book, in the hopes it will make you aware of what God offers everyone.